About Metro Movement

Our Studio

Metro Movement first opened in January of 1989, under the ownership of Stelio Calagias and Eileen Birk at 190 Richmond Street.  At the time the studio was shared with The National Ballet of Canada because Stelio had close connections with the company.  In June of 1997 Metro Movement moved to 833 Broadview Ave where we remain today and was run by Stelio and Eileen for 26 years until they decided it was time for a lifestyle change and “retired” (not a thing for Stelio…he is still teaching!!) to Nelson, BC.

In 2015, Kalie Hunter and Phil Nero took over ownership of Metro Movement and although they re-branded, they aspired to keep the essence and the philosophy of the studio.  Kalie had been teaching at Metro for about 8 years by this point and it was home to her in Toronto, alongside many other dancers.

Fun Fact:  Kalie and Phil met at an audition at Metro Movement in 2007 for a show they both did.  Cut to present day…they have been married for nearly 10 years and have a little girl named Emi!

Phil & Kalie

Phil Nero

They say when a person finds their calling they know right away.  Well, it’s true.  At the age of 18 after performing in a community theatre production of West Side Story Phil knew that the rest of his days were going to be spent dancing. With a burning passion, unmatched ambition, and a stubborn determination Phil worked to develop his skills and learn everything there was to learn about dance and theatre.  He is a graduate of the Musical Theatre Program at Sheridan where he graduated top of the class and was recognized with several achievement awards.  From Sheridan Phil went on to perform in West Side Story at the Stratford Festival, the original Toronto company of The Lion King, Mamma Mia in Toronto and on the US National Tour and he also had the privilege of Dance Captaining the Toronto Production of The Lord of the Rings.  As a director and Choreographer Phil has over 20 credits on his resume including the position of Assistant Choreographer on London’s West End Production of The Lord of the Rings.  Over his 20 + year career Phil has honed his craft, and has developed a philosophy about life, dance and theatre that he is eager to share.  

Kalie Hunter Nero

Originally from Victoria BC, Kalie has been dancing from a very young age.  By age 11 she knew she had found her calling and never looked back.  She has her BA in dance from The School of Alberta Ballet/University of Calgary and spent her first few years out of school freelancing with various dance companies/choreographers such as La Caravan Dance Theatre and Ballet Espressivo.  After travelling to many countries with Silverseas Cruise Lines as a featured dancer/aerial acrobat she moved to Toronto which she now calls home.  Her (selected) theatre experience includes:  Annie (Boylan sister), Cinderella the Panto, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat (Drayton Entertainment,) Robin Hood the Panto, S’narled (Capitol Theatre), Mamma Mia (Tanya understudy,) Spamalot  (Stage West Calgary) CATS ( Tantomile, Panasonic Theatre), White Christmas (MTC), Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Beauty and the Beast (Theatre Calgary) and Beauty and the Beast (Citadel Theatre).  Film/TV (selected): Shazam, Star Trek, Suicide Squad, 11/22/63, State Like Sleep,  Pay The Ghost (Ghost Annie), Season 1 and 2 of The Strain, One Starry Night, Bang Bang Baby, Tiny Dancer, The Ron James Show, Nikita.  As of late, Kalie is venturing into choreography and has been kept busy with competition dances, industrials for corporate events, and most recently on Lydia Ainsworth’s latest music video “Diamonds Cutting Diamonds.”  Kalie has taught and adjudicated from coast to coast in Canada and loves to see passion in all ages.
Kalie started teaching at Metro Movement many years ago, when it was still under the ownership of Stelio and Eileen.  She instantly resonated with the inclusive, warm atmosphere that welcomed everyone from very beginner to professional dancers.  In taking over ownership with Phil in 2015, it was a primary goal to maintain the inclusive energy that had been cultivated over many years.  In her humble opinion she feels they have achieved that goal!