Registered Massage Therapy

with Phil Nero

30 Minute Massage


45 Minute Massage


60 Minute Massage


90 Minute Massage



with Dayna Tietzen

Initial Treatment (60 Mins) – $100 Including Tax

Follow up Treatments (45 Mins) – $90 Including Tax

Pilates & Movement Therapy

with Lily McEvenue

Your Registered Massage Therapist, Phil Nero

During his 20 years as a professional dancer, Phil has been involved in some of the most physically demanding shows in the musical theatre repertoire. Having put his body through the demands of West Side Story, The Lion King, and The Lord of the Rings not to mention having to do 13 Russian jumps in a row in Mamma Mia, Phil knows all too well the importance of maintaining a healthy and optimally functioning body.  Inspired by his own experience with advanced therapy Phil pursued his own career as a RMT.   After graduating top of his class at Sutherland Chan in 2010, Phil spent the first 5 years of his career training under his mentor, the renowned Osteopath Alvin Brown.

Under Alvin, Phil has expanded his abilities and offers an approach that exceeds anything you might expect of regular massage therapy.  This is more than just a massage. With a thorough Health History and a full assessment including appropriate orthopedic testing, Phil will search for the root cause of your issue and not just treat the presenting symptoms.  With the different techniques available to him from the training he’s had, Phil is extremely effective in treating ailments you might not think a RMT could treat.  From correcting spine and rib issues with Muscle Energy Techniques, to dealing with migraines through Craniosacral Therapy and TMJ manipulation, to helping you through strains and sprains with Myofascial Release and Positional Release Therapy, this is truly therapy.  Of course this is all combined with the traditional techniques of massage as well as Deep Tissue work when applicable.

Through his personal experience and extensive training Phil is able to offer treatment that is specific, effective and produces results.  He is passionate about helping his patients live a strong and healthy life and looks forward to helping you.

Your Pilates & Movement Therapist, Lily McEvenue

Joining our clinic at Metro Movement is Lily McEvenue, a certified Pilates instructor and Movement Specialist, and founder of ‘Movement Arts’. Lily

Lily will be moving her Pilates and movement therapy practice into the Metro Clinic and opening a private studio in one of our recently updated treatment rooms. Keep your eyes out for ‘The Movement Room’ at the Metro Clinic, opening September 18th!! Keep reading to learn more about Lily, her career, and why she is on a mission to help performing artists achieve longevity in their careers.

Lily started her professional dance career in 2011 with Opera Atelier, where she danced on stages across North America and Europe. Two years later she made her musical theatre debut as Victoria (the white cat) in Cats. Since then, Lily has continued to work as a dancer in theatre and the film/TV industry. Her credits include seasons with The Charlottetown Festival, The Stratford Festival, and Drayton Entertainment, as well as appearances on the CW Network’s hit show Reign, and the Netflix original series Tiny Pretty Things.

Throughout her performance career, Lily has depended heavily on Pilates as a tool for cross training, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. The benefits she received from this training inspired Lily to pursue an official teaching certification. She knew that this work would evolve as a way to help other high-performing artists to stay healthier, and set them up for longevity in their careers. Between performing contracts, Lily continued her education in various movement modalities. She has spent the past decade studying rehab based movement, biomechanics, fascial movement, functional training, The Franklin MethodTM, and most recently neuro-based movement with The Neuro Studio.

In addition to her home practice, Lily has spent the past two years co-caring with a team of physiotherapists at Strive Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine. Here she developed a specialty in rehab for dancers, and also covers a wide scope of cases including post-op recovery, sports injury, and chronic pain management.

Still active in the performing arts, Lily is passionate about learning new techniques in the movement sciences to further inform her own teaching. After getting herself back to professional dance four months after her son was born, Lily is a firm believer that with the right techniques and care, any limitation can be overcome!

Your Accupuncturist, 
Dayna Tietzen

Dayna is a graduate of Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Academy in Toronto, Ontario.  Prior to her career in wellness she spent 20 years as a professional dancer, singer, actor and puppeteer working at venues across, Canada, North America and around the world.

From the age of 5 when she began training in Ballet she asked a lot of her body and mind, always challenging herself and pursuing ambitious goals.  It wasn’t until her early thirties that she started to notice that her body and mental health were paying a cost.   She discovered Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in her personal journey of healing and recovery and often wishes that she had found this powerful medicine earlier in her life.

What she didn’t have to support her during the mental, physical and emotional strain of a highly competitive career, she now offers in her practice.  She brings a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in elite performance and sport and of the value of balance and nourishing ourselves as we pursue our goals.

Dayna currently enjoys hiking, dancing, skiing, yoga, swimming, running and the humbling experience of playing on roller-skates.  Tending to have a calming and grounding effect on people, she creates a safe place in her treatments that is a calm respite from the rapid, relentless motion of our modern lives.

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